Motez Feat. The Kite String Tangle “Give Me Space”

If you can agree that a tree has a certain level of consciousness, u can extend this to all objects… including passports…

And while it may be generous to suggest that they know where they are going, or where they have been, it may be okay to state that for the last year, they may have been wondering what the hell was up.

I mean… take MOTEZ and his passport for example… It got so used to touring the world, going from airport to festival, festival to hotel, hotel to club to airport….. etc etc…. that it probably didn’t even really know where home was for it and its owner!!!

But then came 2020….. and all of a sudden…. it just sat in a drawer next to MOTEZ’s bed and I dare say…. it started to wonder WTF was up… “Why are we still here” it may have pondered….

TEZ on the other hand….. well…… here he was…. with THE SPACE to clear his head and really spend some time in the studio……..

GIVE ME SPACE is one of the beautiful results that ensued from this time alone………… a collab with the amazing voice of THE KITE STRING TANGLE… Tez sums it up beautifully….

“Give Me Space was the result of me wanting to mix his beautiful voice with my take on 80s inspired dance music, something that I have been listening to a lot lately. Think lots of chorus effects, lots of arpeggios and big, gated snares.

Thematically, it’s a song about wanting space to figure out things in life. I felt like this was quite on point for me after our world was turned upside down over the last year. With all the troubles and lack of touring that we have navigated through, I thought the silver lining was getting the space that I needed to find my feet again. I was able to hone in on what I really want creatively and get back to what I truly loved about making music without the haze of touring and inevitability of expectations.”

So there you have it……

Meanwhile, TEZ’s passport has been listening to the demos… and I think it’s pretty confident that when things open up, GIVE ME SPACE is going to be making its way thru many a festival sound system and resultantly, may be once again leaving that drawer next to TEZ’s bed…….

Much love,

Team Sweat

Progressive House
Sweat It Out
Released On
6 April 2021