Adesso Music Sampler #4

Junior Jack‘s Adesso Music returns with a prime selection of essential house cuts. Dive in.

Bohos – Love Me

Bohos are Lorenzo and Federico, a pair of producers who previously recorded as WAMI but now return with a fresh sound inspired by bohemian lifestyles, a profound and harmonious connection to nature and a free and unconventional way of living. Their sound mixes up house, tech and Afro styles, all seasoned with pop and techno influences. They aim to create an immersive experience that blends euphoria and serenity, and they sure do that here with their new single, ‘Love Me’, on Adesso Music. The stylish ‘Love Me’ is warm, full flavour house music with fresh drums and driving kicks. Smart vocal samples bring the soul and plenty of energy. Colourful synths hook in the floor, and the whole thing plays out with a real sense of passion and emotion to make for a heartfelt dance floor sound.

Simonte – Carinito

Simonte hails from Western Sicily and has made a global impact with his unique take on tech house. He brings vital Latin influences to his grooves, which span several genres and come with plenty of experimental ideas on labels like Deep N Heat and many more. His new cut ‘Carinito’ has his signature dance-ready vibes, a heavy bassline mixed with fiery Latin vocals and well-designed sounds: the bass is flashy and driving, while warped synths bring real fluidity to the groove. The sprinkling of percussion delvers plenty of sunny energy, and the memorable vocal is sure to send the crowd wild.

SiiNA x TCKS – Kalima

TCKS is a French native but based in Thailand, where he is Musical Director at Yona Beach and a resident at Illuzion Phuket. He has dropped acclaimed tunes like ‘Siento Libre’ with Virak on Adesso Music and Afro House anthem ‘Madawi’ alongside SiiNA. SiiNA is a fellow French artist who has sunk himself into the underground in recent times. He draws on his North African roots and love for electronic music to make captivating melodies that define his own Afro house and techno sound. He has released on the likes of SwitchLab and climbed high in the Beatport charts, and is definitely one to watch in 2023. The excellent ‘Kalima’ is a majestic cut with bouncing drums that straighten your back and get you marching in no time. The rolling percussion is organic, while the vocals bring real soul, and the harmonic melodies speak of late-night dance rituals under a twinkling night sky.

Maxvei – Get Back

Maxvei hails from Montreal and fuses Afro, tech and deep house into his own unique musical blend. It has seen him release on the likes of Inward Records, House Tribe Records and Vamos Music Talents while playing all over his homeland’s best clubs. Whether taking inspiration from pioneers like Danny Tenaglia or new school stars like Chus & Ceballos, Maxvei always brings something of his own to the dance floor. He proves that here with the superb ‘Get Back’, a sizzling house cut with a jumble of toms over gritty beats. The vocal brings plenty of sleazy attitude and the loose-limbed grooves ensure the dance floor will be making non-stop moves.