Our Services Include

Club Campaigns / DJ Promo
With an extensive database, we deliver your records into the right hands of Australia, New Zealand and Bali's best DJs. Our club campaigns are designed to generate widespread rotation in clubs across the country, creating an avalanche of spins and a springboard for your tracks to scale greater heights. We don’t just drop records out, we actively work the releases for you, building a credible story. We provide in depth weekly reports to help you connect the dots and give you an overlay on what’s going on at club level. This service also includes instore retail play and ingestion into DJ Monitor’s database.
Radio Servicing
We put your music in the hands and ears of specialist dance / EDM & commercial radio throughout Australia & New Zealand. We service Singles, Albums, Mix sets, ID tags and set up Interviews to spread the word via the airwaves and online.
Stem Promo
Servicing of Stems, audio files, midi files, ableton session files for remix promo. We service the parts and then invite our DJ / producer community to send us back the remixes they have done. The best remix will receive a full promo campaign.
We create a streaming roadmap focusing on Club / Dance Music communities.
Content / Remix Consultation
We help you create effective content and remixes for you releases. We spend half of our lives with DJ’s in clubs and in studios with producers, so we know exactly what is working on floors and what names are worth working with. We can find the right remix and sound for your release to work in clubs (locally and internationally). We can also help you create the right digital content to aid in promotion. Content that resonates with users and builds your audience base.