Ali Love & Nicky Night Time “Ubiquity” Feat. Breakbot

And just like that, the Ubiquity remix package has arrived.

Ubiquity, the original, by Ali Love & Nicky Night Time featuring Breakbot is a song to dance to, and clean your house to, drive your car to, cook dinner to, fuck to, fish to, and swim to.

And now, with four remixes from the M2D2 family, Eric Duncan, Lubelski, ABCDJ and Happiness Is Wealth, you can continue to dance, clean, drive, cook, fuck, fish, and swim, now do it four different ways, which means four times the amount of dancing, cleaning, driving, cooking, fucking, fishing, and swimming.

Many variables:

Disco dancing
Creative cleaning
Fast driving
Hard cooking
Slow fucking
Funky fishing
Long swimming

And more and more and more… Meaning that the song Ubiquity which means everywhere, all around… is really really is living up to it’s title.
Meaning, you can do everything, always, everywhere while listening to Ubiquity.

Thanks Ali, Nicky, Breakbot, Eric, Lubelski, ABCDJ and Happiness And Wealth, for giving us a soundtrack to living a full, well rounded life and many variations of the dance.

And it doesn’t stop there, we have one more remix coming at you soon, Ubiquity, re-rubbed by a magician, and it is magical.

M2D2, all around, dancing everywhere, always.


Dan & Nicky.

Music to Dance To / Sweat It Out
Released On
27 Jan 2021