Anyma & Grimes “Welcome to the Opera”

Anyma is the multi-disciplinary music & contemporary fine art project by Tale Of Us founding member Matteo Milleri whose music and visual art has been causing a stir across the music and digital art worlds. At once a music and art pursuit, Anyma is the two mediums existing as one; be it at an art exhibition or at a live music performance. First coded by Milleri with collaborator Alessio De Vecchi during the 2020 lockdown, the identity of Anyma is strictly bound with the music – to the extent that the music is often changed to fit the visual, and vice versa.

At Anyma’s debut performance at London’s Printworks late last year, the footage recorded was shared millions of times across the globe, going viral multiple times. It showed Anyma’s lead character – half human, half robot – attempting to break free from the giant screen, continuing an ongoing story arc, the future of which will be revealed at Anyma’s next live shows, exhibitions and releases.

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