Cioz & Beacon Bloom “Without A Sound”

On a recent tour to Australia and New Zealand, Cioz teamed up with melodic electronic act Beacon Bloom for a week where magic was created. Freeflowing studio experimentation resulted in the monster single “Without A Sound”. We are over the moon to kick start 2024 with such an incredible piece of work.

Cioz has always had a bad relationship with rules. An obsessive desire to reinvent and break them. Combine this with the eclectic sounds and distinctive vocals of Beacon Bloom and you have the purely organic and original “Without A Sound” which sets the benchmark for the year. It is accompanied by two huge remixes, from AMAEO label boss and breakout artist SKALA and YAME who best describes their sound as “Happy Techno”.

Enjoy this expedition in what can only be described as an aural delight.