Claptone & APRE “My Night”

My Night sees the enigmatic producer Claptone deliver an upbeat feel-good anthem teaming up with London indie/alt-pop duo APRE on vocals.

‘I’m really excited about working on this one with extremely talented UK Indie Pop duo APRE contributing their energetic vocals. If one can believe their bio – and I always do – they are inspired by the socially conscious observational lyricism as alternative indie. Add the smell of early summer, a pinch of French house and Claptone of course and you got ‘My Night’. CLAPTONE

‘I was thinking about the theme of the song it brought me back to a night out I had in a club in Manchester that went so very wrong. I decided I wanted this song to be for all those people who were trying to have a good night out, which was then completely ruined by their friend or partner.’Charlie (APRE)

Released On
31 May 2021