Cooper Smith “Stay”

After countless hours in the studio, ‘Stay’ is Cooper Smith‘s debut record.

Cooper happens to live with Cerebral Palsy yet despite these challenges he is super proud of the final output. Cooper is an 18 year old who as an artist, brings high energy and passion to his DJ performances. He loves producing music with an emotive vibe and dreams of playing at international festivals showcasing his own music.

Philanthropy is a not-for-profit record label focusing on all electronic genres; from House to Techno and everything in between. Philanthropy encourages & facilitates our artists to promote, release & market their music through our extensive networks, while also giving them a platform to raise funds & contribute towards a charity or cause of their choosing. The goal for Philanthropy is to create a hub where creativity & fanfare meet generosity and an altruistic desire to be part of the solution with the tools readily available to them – in our case, quality music & distribution. We all know the old adage of the ‘starving artist.’ But artists also want to change the world – we thought this is a step in the right direction.

Cooper has chosen to support the Dylan Aclott foundation as Dylan has been a huge supporter of his and a big inspiration on his career.

Melodic House
March 2023