DÉ SAINT “Big Mama Crystal”

EXCEED is super excited to present the next tune from DJ, producer, singer and all round queen of the DJ box De Saint. Here she once again leans into her deeper side, delivering her underground club vibe in her own distinct way.

The original throbs right from the start with it’s hypnotic deep tech groove. Organic sounds are woven throughout the production before De Saint’s quirky vocal drops over the bassline driven bed. The track builds as the vocal continues before dropping into a killer lead synth line that sounds super fresh and distinctive. This one has a fresh vibe that is going to ensure it stands out in a deep tech set.

Two remixes add to the Original with Market Memories and Tameless both providing alternative takes.

First Market Memories up the energy with their nagging techno inspired production which expertly takes snippets from the original while subtly building their vibe with fresh synths and drums throughout… A killer breakdown builds the tension before it drops back into the throbbing bass and drums… The mix is superb and sure to build on their already formidable reputation as producers!

Tameless take things deep and melodic with a moody remix… Slowing the tempo slightly, they provide atmospheric sweeping sounds which are laid over a tight drum bed. A beautifully melancholic piano line is then introduced, meeting an equally vibing bassline as the groove builds further before chopped vocals are introduced, echoing throughout the sound scape. This would sound awesome at 5am, in a dark club, on a great sound system.

All up, three great versions of a super creative club track that deserves your attention as much as De Saint is going to deserve your attention as her vocals, song writing, production and DJ sets grow in stature into the future.