DJ Gooey vs. ReUnited “Sing It Back”

Emerging from the depths of Melbourne’s rave culture and oozing his eclectic style all over the local dance floors like hot syrup on a stack of pancakes, DJ GOOEY joins forces with Denmark’s REUNITED to bring us an outstanding fresh take on the classic 90s house anthem ’Sing It Back’.

Having been part of the fabric of the Melbourne club scene for well over a decade, the enigmatic and mysterious character DJ Gooey can be spotted popping up in some of the strangest of locations. Always ready to get a party started, his diverse sounds and out of the box DJ sets are always sure to be a mix of underground classics, throwback weapons and vocal crowd pleasers with some of the freshest and biggest new dance sounds on the planet.

Taking a classic hook and reapplying it for the 2023 ravers, this has all the right ingredients to get bodies moving. A very smooth yet high energy cut which is sure to get ears to attention, pour this liberally over a smiling, happy dance floor and enjoy!

Released on Extrovert via Vicious