Dom Dolla & Nelly Furtado “Eat Your Man”

‘Eat Your Man’ connects two worlds, and confirms two facts: Nelly Furtado is back, and Dom Dolla is at the top of his game. Nelly Furtado is regarded as one of the defining artists of her decade, as Dom Dolla experiences a meteoric rise. With the new single booming with a bouncing beat and sassy vocals, the collaboration has us begging for more from the two artists.

’Eat Your Man’ is born from hours side-by-side in the studio. It showcases a distinct Dom Dolla production and Nelly’s iconic lyricism. The heater reaches full circle with Furtados’ lyrical homages to her globally recognizable hits. She sings “Fly like a bird, I’m taking it home”, and “I’ll eat your man, devour him whole”. Furtados’ lyrical cadence is intricately woven tightly into Dom Dolla’s production, meticulously crafted between two varying artists.

Sony Music Australia