Esquire & Petch “Mr Brightside”

After a half-decade hiatus, Jolyon Petch and Esquire, collectively known as Esquire & Petch, are reuniting for a fresh take on the iconic ‘Mr. Brightside.’ Collaborating with vocalist Justin Jennings, the track builds upon a foundation of carefully crafted piano sequences and melodic arpeggios. Its well-placed drops serve as both a nod to the duo’s dance music roots and a testament to their evolving sound

The track has undergone rigorous live testing, notably during Jolyon Petch’s tours across Australia and New Zealand, and was a standout feature at the Australian Beer Festival.

But this isn’t just any collaboration. Jolyon Petch boasts a solo career highlighted by over 100 million Spotify streams and a Platinum certification in both Australia and New Zealand for his hit single ‘Dreams.’ Lee, as Esquire, has amassed over 8 million Spotify streams and has been tapped for remixes by industry giants like CamelPhat and Martin Solveig. Together as Esquire & Petch, they’ve garnered over 1 million Spotify streams and top-charting tunes on Beatport, solidifying their reputation as a dynamic duo in the dance music world.

While ‘Mr. Brightside’ pays its respects to the original, it succeeds in establishing its own musical identity. It’s not merely a nostalgic tribute but a fresh reimagining that reflects the duo’s rich history and promising future in the dance music landscape