Hermitude “Celebrate”

Australian electronic duo, Hermitude, has officially entered into their ‘fun club’ era with the release of their first drum n bass track, Celebrate.

The track comes as a testament to the duo’s commitment to innovation, bringing fresh genre-bending sounds to their audience. Set to release while on their summer tour in the US, Hermitude is ready to bring their unique style to dancefloors across the globe. It’s Hermitude, but not as you know it.

Known for their innovative sounds and fiercely loyal fanbase, Hermitude has amassed multiple awards, including the prestigious Australian Music Prize in 2012. Celebrate is an ode to partying with joy in your chest and the buoyancy of massive subs. After writing their dedication to their home, the Blue Mountains, in 2022’s Mirror Mountain, and celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their breakout album HyperParadise, this track is a return to crushing global dancefloors and represents the duo’s outward focus. They are playing with the drum n bass form without conforming too strictly to the formula.

Released on Elefant Traks (AU/NZ) and Dim Mak (ROW) this is the first step for the group in their never- ending search for the new sound.

Elefant Trans