Hiroshi Daisuki “You & I” (Curtis Young & Blunt Remixes)

Hiroshi Daisuki, the alias of producer Will Chusap, delivers the fierce melodic tech houser “You & I”.

Following his debut releases on EXCEED earlier in 2023, the production thumps with Hiroshi’s XL club vibe. Instantly hooky, with a sprinkle of melodic elements,, the big sound on “You & I” that could be equally at home on a dance floor as it could be on the airwaves.

On remix duties Curtis Young delivers groovier take on the track and newcomer BLÜNT, delivering a fast & fiery techno infused stomper of a remix. All bases are covered on this release.

We love this tune here at EXCEED HQ and what a great way for Mr Daisuki to end to 2023!’