Honey Dijon & Channel Tres “Show Me Some Love”

Continuing to demonstrate her magnetism for collaborators of the highest order, Honey Dijon unveils her eagerly anticipated release with Compton house pioneer Channel Tres ‘Show Me Some Love’.

Coming as the latest track from her forthcoming Black Girl Magic LP, following a string of heavy hitters across a kaleidoscope of house sounds, this latest cut continues to demonstrate the musical diversity of the upcoming album.

Centred around a loping beat and hypnotic synth loops, whimsical melodies and a wandering bassline form a playful backdrop to the warmth and immediacy of Channel Tres’ lyricism. A bubbling amalgamation of the two artists’ styles, Honey’s signature dancefloor-focussed groove paired with Channel Tres’ exuberant-yet-gritty delivery makes this another unmissable preview of what is to come on Black Girl Magic.

Classic Music Company
Sept 2022