iilliaa “Life Gets Hard”

DJ and producer iilliaa is gaining attention in the international electronic music scene with his debut single “life gets hard” on TikTok.

The 22-year-old artist iilliaa, hailing from the Ukrainian city of Lviv, began his musical journey with the dream of becoming a rapper. However, to kickstart his career as a rapper, he needed the right instrumentals, so he decided to start producing beats himself and discovered a deep passion for it. Music soon became more than just a pastime; it became a form of therapy.

After a short break during which he set his focus on his primary job, iilliaa quickly returned to music to further develop his sound, moving away from rap beats towards a more electronic direction. Inspired by artists like The Blaze, Jamie XX, Kanye West, and Drake, he persistently pursues his dream of one day making a living for himself and his family with his music.
His debut single, “life gets hard,” has already garnered the attention of music fans and TikTok users worldwide. The top 5 posts featuring the sound have collectively reached over 10 million views, and with an astonishing 1k daily creations, the sound has accumulated over 11,5k total creations in a short amount of time. Even before its release, the track received over 6k pre-saves, demonstrating the immense anticipation from fans.

On a more solemn note, a series of unfortunate events has recently unfolded. illiaa’s home country, Ukraine, has been enduring a relentless, full-scale invasion for almost two years, requiring an enormous effort to bring it to an end. To compound these hardships, illiaa primary job office was struck by a missile, leaving nothing in its wake. Tragically, during this same period, he also suffered the devastating loss of his best friend.

In the midst of these challenging circumstances, illiaa managed to find solace in his music. He channeled his emotions and experiences into his new song, “Life Gets Hard”.