Jain “Makeba” Ian Asher Remix

JAIN’s global hit “Makeba”, from her debut album Zanaka (2015) released on Spookland Records / Sony Music France, has been spreading across the world like wildfire.

With 13 million creations and 36 billion views on TikTok over the past two months, the track has been rocketing the charts across the board. “Makeba” has been #1 on the Global Shazam Chart since June 7, and is charting across 187 markets worldwide. The track peaked #53 on the Top 200 Global Chart and is now charting in 26 countries on Spotify, as well as in 49 markets on Apple Music. “Makeba” has already gathered 200M video views, 311M streams worldwide and is now certified Gold in Poland and Ireland, Platinum in Canada and Switzerland.

With 88% of streams for “Makeba” originating outside of France, JAIN’s home country, her music transcends borders and is captivating audiences across Europe, the UK, Africa, Latin America, and now Australia with its infectious colorful energy.