Jaxomy, Agatino Romero, Raffaella Carra “Pedro”

Get ready for the dance floor sensation that’s taking the world by storm! Berlin’s own DJ wizard Jaxomy, alongside Agatino Romero and the legendary Raffaella Carrà, are dropping ‘Pedro,’ a techno tribute that spins an 80s Italo disco classic into a modern-day banger.

Jaxomy, a.k.a. Tom Jahn, and Agatino Romero, the heartbeat of Catania, are the dynamic duo behind this pulsating hit. Agatino, with his expertly crafted melodies and unique sound, complements Jaxomy’s intense beats, making ‘Pedro’ a symphony of dance music excellence.

Raffaella Carrà, an Italian icon, brings more than her triple threat talent to this collaboration. Her captivating charm and instinctive connection with audiences worldwide make her the perfect match for this international dance hit. Her influence, spanning continents and generations, ensures ‘Pedro’ is not just a song, but a global celebration of legacy and innovation.