John Summit & Hayla “Where You Are”

John Summit, releases highly anticipated single “Where You Are” with UK artist Hayla, via Off The Grid / Darkroom Records.

“Where You Are” is a soulful track that captures the feeling of longing and desire for a loved one. Hayla’s powerful vocals perfectly complement John’s dynamic sounds, creating an infectious house music hit destined for the big stages. John previously remixed “Escape” — Hayla’s 2022 dance smash with Kaskade & deadmau5, which took the festival scene by storm last year and was the genesis of “Where You Are”. As John started testing the record at live shows, and live performance clips started moving quickly across the internet, the unreleased track became a fan favorite overnight — with some even calling it John’s best record yet.

John Summit shared his thoughts on the new release: “When I first premiered ‘Where You Are’ at the LA Coliseum, I was absolutely stunned by the reaction it received and I knew right away this track would be something special. Every time I play it out it’s easily the most powerful track in my sets and I truly feel like it’s my best record to date.”