Jolyon Petch “Insomnia”

Kicking off 2024 with momentum from a successful 2023 that earned him the #3 spot on the annual ARIA top 50 club charts, Jolyon Petch returns with his take on the ‘Faithless’ classic, “Insomnia.” This peak-time club mix is designed for the heart of dancefloors, featuring a tech house drop that energizes the track alongside a faithfully remade iconic riff, capturing the essence of the original while steering it into new territory.

Amid the global buzz around Afro House, largely credited to icons like Black Coffee and Keinemusik, newcomers the Moomba Bros step in with their remix of “Insomnia.” They deliver a mix that’s as original as it is heavenly, weaving tribal rhythms with moody piano tones and pizzicato strings, crafting an Afro House narrative that’s both timely and timeless.

Elektrik Disko then shifts gears with a nu-disco remix, presenting an imaginative take that caters to disco & house enthusiasts, further diversifying the appeal of this release.

Renowned for creating vocal anthems that have captivated audiences globally, Jolyon Petch shifts his artistic direction with his latest release, aiming squarely at the core of the dancefloor. Accompanied by a substantial remix package, this collection, featuring an eclectic array of remixes, seamlessly bridges Petch’s chart-conquering talents with his foundational clubland roots. This deliberate pivot not only highlights his versatility but also reaffirms his commitment to energizing dance enthusiasts, marking a vibrant return to his origins in club culture