Jolyon Petch “Thriller (ft Da Beat)” Freejak Remixes

Just in time for Halloween, Jolyon Petch unveils “Thriller ft. DaBeat – The Remix Pack”. This fresh take on Michael Jackson’s iconic classic showcases Petch’s unmistakable flair in every beat.

Elektrik Disko, another brilliant venture by Petch, presents a daring rendition of “Thriller”. Infused with the eclectic spirit of Italo disco, this track boasts chunky basslines, signature MJ synths, and a rhythm set to conquer dance floors worldwide. It’s more than a homage to MJ’s brilliance; it’s a reimagined anthem for today’s club enthusiasts.

Freejak delivers a tech house remix that pulsates with club energy, already garnering attention on international radio and making its mark on Adelaide’s Fresh FM.

Jet Boot Jack ups the ante with a disco-house gem, brimming with vibrant brass sections and strings. It’s a nod to disco’s golden age, rejuvenated with a modern spin that ignites the dance scene.

Venturing into a unique soundscape, MED33P’s version dives deep into the mysterious world of tech house. Characterized by haunting, pitched-down vocals, mesmerizing drums, and heart-racing basslines, it crafts a soundscape that’s both tantalizing and electrifying.