KUU “Lose Control”

KUU, comprised of Riton, Alex Metric and Shungudzo, make their mesmerizing D4 D4NCE debut with ‘Lose Control’ further exemplifying their infectious, club-focused sound as they sample the unmistakable Defected favourite, the Sandy Rivera classic ‘Come Into My Room’.

As individuals, the three artists have carved out their own distinct lanes in the busy world of dance music, all while racking up streams and impressive accolades. Riton frequently collaborates with the finest vocalists, including UK Number 1 artist RAYE, Clementine Douglas and Kah-Lo, with the latter earning the producer a GRAMMY nomination.

Similarly, Alex Metric is a GRAMMY award-winning producer who has worked with the likes of Silk City, Dua Lipa, and the late Avicii. The two have undoubtedly hit the sweet spot between commercial success and critical acclaim, and their fresh take on optimistic, Balearic-inspired dance music is bolstered by the poetic prowess of Zimbabwean-American vocalist and lyricist Shungudzo. Over lockdown the trio harnessed their signature KUU sound, defined by Metric as ‘the through-line between acid house, pop, RnB, indie, and dance music’, and their release ‘Dance With Me’ was crowned BBC Radio 1’s Charlie Hedges’ Hottest Record in April 2022.

March 2023