Lo99 remix of Torren Foot “Sleep When Im Dead”

I remember someone once telling me that you don’t have to have been somewhere to be a good travel agent. I didn’t agree. How can you tell someone where the best kebab in Athens is if you’ve never even been to Greece? How can u give advice on the best place to stay in Bundaberg if you’ve never left Bathurst?

Ya feel?

I mean sure, you could google best hotels in Bundaberg but to me, that’s really not the same as going to Bundaberg and checking out all the options.

Which brings me to LO’99 and his remix of SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD by TORREN FOOT and ASSOCIANU. You see, absolutely no-one could accuse LO’99 of being a guy that sleeps while he is alive – I mean how could he – the amount of tunes he puts out, gigs he does, parties he rocks……it’s just absolutely ludicrous to suggest that he’s sleeping while alive.

Which made us think – here’s a guy with the credentials to remix SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD.

And well…check it out….turbo powered techno-ish house music that goes only one way…..and thats straight to the club, no stopping at the hotel, no getting a kebab….

and we down wit dat.

Much love,

Team Sweat