Mark Maxwell, LaTour, Kid Enigma “Flex”

Let’s be honest, those who say three’s a crowd are forgetting about some of the greatest threesome’s.*

It’s like people who live in the desert that say they hate the beach.

Or people on a diet who say they hate hamburgers.

As long as you’re not the jealous type, threesomes are awesome. Everyone can focus on what they’re good at and really FLEX their skills whilst leaving what they don’t like… to the other participants and when it’s really good, everyone’s strengths and weaknesses compliment each other perfectly.

Think Nirvana. Beastie Boys. Queen.

Which brings me to MARK MAXWELL, LATOUR and KID ENIGMA. Mark is a production whiz kid, LATOUR is one of the residents at Elsewhere, one of Australia’s tastemaker clubs and guess what…. He’s a king tastemaker and finally KID ENIGMA… well let just say there’s nothing enigmatic about how good he is on da mic.

Imagine if Salmon Dance were made now and you’ll get a little idea as to how much we got the FLEX on here.

Much love
Team sweat

Tech House
Club Sweat
April 2023