Marshmello & venbee “No Mans Land”

Marshmello’s star continues to rise, as he now embraces a fresh sonic direction marking his inaugural foray into a liquid drum and bass production alongside Venbee .

Venbee has had an enormous 12 months, with her breakout single “Messy In Heaven” topping charts and playlists worldwide, generating over 150million streams. The UK native then backed it up with her debut album “zero experience” which included big singles “die young”, “gutter”, as well a her viral hit “low down”

While Marshmello is an unstoppable force in dance music, currently sitting 16th most played artist on Spotify, having clocked over a staggering 13 billion streams.

Together the two have created a beautiful single that touches on sense of being lost, the feeling that, even in familiar spaces like home, one never feels complete—existing in a solitary ‘No Man’s Land.’