Mashd N Kutcher “On My Mind”

As with all of the live music industry, the last 18 months have seen a halt in live touring for Brisbane-based, touring DJs Mashd N Kutcher. In their career so far they’ve already achieved 2 platinum records, 3 Aria Certified Gold Records and have played over 1000 live shows. Now as the tides turn and the world seems to reopen, the duo is unleashing their massive new hit, ‘On My Mind’.

The duo has built a reputation for utilising off kilter, yet universally familiar samples. ‘On My Mind’ lives up to this, sampling a hit record from one of Australia’s most iconic bands. While unpredictable on paper, the track’s final result is an undeniable dance floor filler. The soulful elements of disco combine perfectly with the energy infused vocal sample, all wrapped together with the contemporary dance charm we’ve come to love and know from Mashd N Kutcher.

House Disco
Released On
Oct 2021