Mell Hall “End Of Time” ft Sahara Beck

Headlines don’t lie. I mean, they don’t necessarily tell the truth. But they don’t lie. There’s laws and penalties against publishing “false” news.

But what is the truth anyways? For example, take a great saint I heard about recently who was born with every limb deformed and facing at right angles. At a glance, most felt very sorry for him and certainly believed it was the truth that this was misfortune to be born as such. But to him, having been a beautiful prince in his previous life and as such, unable to achieve any spiritual progress, being born with these deformities was a perfect result for what he was wanting to achieve.

But I digress.

The truth is… the other day, I woke up to a very very disturbing headline.

The Queen is dead.

I nearly choked on my fruity loops. What the hell, I thought. This was wayyyy too soon.

She has sooooo much more to do, I thought.

Yes, Knock Knock and Can’t Stop Now had been massive successes, but they were the beginning of something beautiful, not the precursor to the end.

I read on.

The Queen, aged 96, died peacefully.

Wait a minute.

They were talking about the Queen of England. Not the Queen of disco.


Long love the Queen.

Drum roll… MELL HALL and fellow Aussie legend fresh off collabbing with PURPLE DISCO MACHINE, SAHARA BECK and their very aptly titled TIL THE END OF TIME.

If a funeral is a celebration of life, let the dj know… this is a funeral anthem.

And we down with that.

Much love

Team sweat

Club Sweat
Oct 2022