Mobin Master ft Alfreda Gerald “Get Away With It”

Mobin Master has been delivering quality house music dating back to the early 2000s.

He has given us countless hits and many memories to share, Get Away with it is one of those, which was a hit in 2004. This year he has revisited it, with the vocal talents of Alfreda Gerald straight out of Atlanta, USA. The original mix is a classic house timeless piece, with the real deal gospel vocals.

The original is followed by a remix by USAs no.1 Dj Dan teaming up with Rubber Reople, creating an undeniable driving disco house anthem.  Mind Electric with his new house sound of the present, will rumble any floor.

This record with its heavy set of mixes already has the support of Chris Lake, Don Diablo, Mark Knight, Sugarstarr, Lenny Fontana, Mason, HardRockSofa, Sergio Matina (Pornostar), Rivaz and more!

Safari Music
Jan 22