Needs No Sleep “Escapism”

With gigs all over Australia and three releases in 2024 so far, (on Sydney’s Goodside Records, New York’s Uprise Music, & Mark Knight’s Toolroom Records), Needs No Sleep is certainly living up to his name!

Here we see him return to EXCEED with an exciting and creative re-work cover version of Raye’s slow grooved 2022 global hit “Escapism”.

A fresh new vocal recording that gets twisted, warped and messed with as it rides atop of his now trademark club friendly tech house production see’s the energy brought up as well as the tempo. Big drums, fat bass and tight percussion all bring the club vibes, while his treatment of the new vocal recording retains all the hooks from the original track yet re-interprets them with even more attitude.

This one is a sure fire killer so play it loud and watch it slay!!!