Odd Mob, OMNOM: HYPERBEAM “All Day All Night”

Odd Mob and OMNOM keep the momentum roaring with their next collaboration arriving in the shape of the restless club record ‘All Day, All Night’.

‘All Day, All Night’ sees the two artists unveiling their new HYPERBEAM project. Brisbane-based producer Odd Mob has risen to become one of Australia’s most exciting names in dance music, building a boundless discography reinforced by his knack for threading unconventional sounds through a myriad of genres. OMNOM is a Los Angeles native known for creating off-kilter house grooves made for maximal impact. The two talents have been blending their signature styles together on a string of collabs, and are now looping back around to issue their follow-up single.

Guaranteed to keep the vibes oscillating around the clock, ‘All Day, All Night’ bolsters an echoing spoken word vocal that’s suspended in awe from witnessing nonstop revelry at one of the meccas of dance music. Propelling the track further into its hedonistic theme comes a dark, low-profile groove backed by weighty square wave basslines, trippy risers, murky pads, spiralling synth accents, hissing hats, and haunting vox. ‘All Day, All Night’ teases Odd Mob and OMNOM’s artistic vision and prefaces the first of many major releases as HYPERBEAM.