Paul Woolford x LF SYSTEM feat. Shayan “In My Head”

Two titans of dance music, Paul Woolford and LF SYSTEM, join forces combining their love of House for maximum effect on a new single, ‘In My Head’!

Shayan’s deep, soulful vocals lead us into a phased refrain, building anticipation for a massive chorus adorned with uplifting piano chords and a powerful 4/4 kick… all culminating in an effervescent banger!

Paul Woolford said “As soon as I started making In My Head with Shayan I had a feeling that it could be something that LF System might wanna jump on. They bit my hand off and the whole thing was one of the fastest collaborations I’ve done yet. Everyone locked in immediately for the common goal, and I could tell it was right the first time I played it late Summer. Audiences reacted like they’d known it for years.”

While LF SYSTEM comments “We were walking through a forest with Paul at Tomorrowland when he played us a vocal from Shayan, plus a production that he was working on. It instantly gave us an idea to build around it and from there we started bouncing audio back and forth. We’ve always been huge fans of Paul’s work and his Special Request project so it’s an honour to be able to collaborate with him and bring a little LF flavour to the record.”

A unique collaboration as that heralds a full Australian summer of good grooves and piano house.