Peking Duk feat Darren Hayes “I Want You”

Sweet like a chic-a-cherry cola, Australian production duo Peking Duk present ‘I Want You’ featuring Darren Hayes, out via Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

The track is a reimagined version of the iconic Savage Garden hit and masterfully interweaves Peking Duk’s signature production with the sonic deftness of the 1996 original.

On reimagining the track and working with Darren Hayes, Adam and Reuben say “‘I Want You’ is one of the most iconic songs in history. Growing up we would play it back-to-back along with all of Savage Garden’s catalogue of incredible music. We had an idea to remix ‘I Want You’ so that the song can be re-introduced again especially to the world of clubs and dance music.”

But Adam and Reuben wanted to add a little spice, and the stars aligned.

“We got in touch with Darren Hayes about completely re-recording it, so it felt fresh. We were amidst a wild writing trip in Santa Monica when Darren hit us back saying he was based in Santa Monica and the next moment we were in the room re-recording the magic! We honestly couldn’t believe our ears or eyes. It was one of the funnest yet surreal 3 hour studio session of our lives. Darren Hayes is the most iconic Australian of our time. A true honour to be able to have touched this gold.”

Feb 2023