piri & tommy “on & on”

piri & tommy have today dropped their brand new single ‘on & on’, which received its first play as BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record.

Long-demanded on TikTok and an instant favourite at their high-energy live dates, even for piri & tommy, ‘on & on’ has been a long time coming. “This was one of those demos we just couldn’t stop listening to,” introduces piri. “tommy made the beat just after we’d been to Parklife in 2021, and it had such a fun and exciting energy to it, it seemed to perfectly fit those memories of festivals.” tommy, meanwhile, recalls that he “actually took the drums from a jump up track I made, but thought it was probably best to replace the grotty Belgian bass so piri could sing over it. The goal was French House meets DnB, hardcore vibes…also shout-out Bou for the inspiration on the cowbell moment!”

With just a handful of tracks, piri & tommy have found themselves at the front of a new wave of British music. Assimilating everything from the DIY Dance explosion online to their generation’s relationship with nostalgia – both, as exploded by the pandemic – the duo have made a real-world splash with their playful but potent dance-pop anthems. Mixing genre-wide influences from Kaytranada and Disclosure to Doja Cat and Red Velvet, their music also acts as a time-capsule of piri & tommy’s very specific journey to together: from meeting over to DMs to viral hit ‘soft spot’ (about that awkward crush) via the summer-ready ‘beachin’ (your first day out together) and the importance of communication in a couple (‘words’).

Thrown together in a student-house bubble at the start of the pandemic, piri & tommy have since amassed co-signs ranging from Charli XCX and Bella Hadid to Rebecca Black and PinkPantheress, as well as reaching number 1 on Tiktok and earning their first playlist at Radio 1.

Currently working on their first longer form project, check out ‘on & on’ now and watch out for more from piri & tommy coming soon.

Drum n Bass
Universal Music
Aug 2022