Poolclvb “Love Type”

Quite often, I’ll get in an uber and if I feel like chatting, and they feel like chatting, we’ll have a chat.

As I live in the United States, but I have an Australian accent, quite often, they’ll ask where I’m from.

And quite often, I’ll ask the same thing.

Asking where you’re from is a different question to asking where someone lives.

Where they live…the answer can change from year to year, month to month even in some cases..and every night for travelling DJs.

But where one is from….that answer never changes.

Apparently, during world war 2, when the enemy interrogated suspected spies, their suspicions would always be confirmed if they could get the suspect to swear……no matter how well trained you are, when you’re in life threatening pain…u will always swear in your native tongue.

Which brings me to POOLCLVB. Some of you may know him as POOLCVB, the guy who has his own, absolutely rocking weekly party on the Sydney Harbour called LOVECLVB. Others of you may know of him via his morning routine love of sunrises that makes its way to tik tok and is consumed quite often by the millions. Others again might know him as the head honcho gatekeeper of CLUB SWEAT and others again, those with deep memory banks, will recall him as DANNY T, AKA…. one of the OG Sweat It Out roster, with his first original release on SWEAT IT OUT being the swingin jackin JAZZCAT in 2010.

So when u ask POOLCLVB where he’s from…..sure….he may have spent some time in other places (labels) and he may have even tried a few styles over the years that have lead to now, but NOW is where you will find him deep in his element, finally, back on the label he bleeds, back on the label he has tatted on his body (literally!!!!!) and with a sound that is at the forefront of modern dance but yet at the same time, a reflection of his time in, and knowledge of, the music.

If you’re a fan of FRED AGAIN (and let’s face it, who isn’t)…well……this is for u.

LOVE TYPE is POOLCLVB’s first release on SWEAT IT OUT but that would be like saying an Sicilian born in New York, arriving in Sicily for the first time, hasn’t been there before. Of course, the reality is, they’ve been Sicilian the whole time. POOLCLVB…..well…he’s been SWEAT the whole time. Ya feel?

Try make him swear……he swears sweat thru and through.

Welcome home POOLCVB. The journey has just begun!!!

Sweat It Out