Purple Disco Machine Feat. Moss Kena & The Knocks “Fireworks”

If you’ve read Aldous Huxley’s masterpiece BRAVE NEW WORLD, you would know the very famous line “a gram is better than a dam” and the sentiment it carried.

If you haven’t read it…let me fill you in…..basically….in this new world order……the phrase signifies the maximisation of happiness and good feelings for inhabitants of Huxley’s dystopia and the idea that one should never feel unhappy………that is….if you are ever feeling a little down….just reach out and you will be handed a gram of soma, a narcotic that will put you in a state of unfeeling.

On a practical level….if you ever saw one of your friends looking a bit sad, you could chuck them a gram of soma and with a wink, exclaim “a gram is better than a dam”

Brave New World was first published in 1932 so we can forgive its author for thinking that only soma could prevent a dam. I mean…..it wasnt until early 2021 that PURPLE DISCO MACHINE decided to gift the world with FIREWORKS…his new single featuring the MOSS KENA & THE KNOCKS……..

And guess what….FIREWORKS is better than a dam. In fact, i’m going to go as far as to suggest that not only will one not only be able to not feel even a tiny bit down while playing FIREWORKS, as opposed to soma which would only give you an unfeeling….FIREWORKS will give you a full feeling……..its a ball of summertime energy and happiness in a song that is set to light up radios and dancefloors alike.

With PDM’s magic disco wand wavering lovingly over some calypso house vibes combined with Moss Kena delivering vox that even MJ would be proud of…..FIREWORKS IS WAY BETTER THAN A DAM.

Much love

Team Sweat

Disco House
Sweat It Out
Released On
19 Feb 2021