Purple Disco Machine, Kungs “Substitution”

I recently read somewhere that heaven is where the chefs are French and the mechanics are German and hell is where the police are German and the mechanics are French.

I recently heard somewhere that heaven is where a German disco producer and a French disco producer get together to make an absolute dance floor weapon that will get stuck in your head faster than bubblegum will get stuck on your shoes….

Oh wait a minute… I heard this on my laptop when we were discussing…. Drum roll… the next PURPLE DISCO MACHINE single that happens to be a collab with French legend KUNGS. Fresh off his Grammy win, SUBSTITUTION sees PDM team with KUNGS and what a combination…a better pairing than schnitzel and potatoes or baguettes and Camembert….

With well over a billion streams between these two… while hell may be looking for a SUBSTITUTION where the chef is German and the mechanic French, in the world we livin, this combo is epic.

Much love
Team sweat

Disco House
Sweat It Out
April 2023