Shakedown & Bootsy Collins “Funky & You Know It”

Swiss electronic project Shakedown (brothers Mandrax & Seb K) collaborate with American record producer, vocalist and funk legend Bootsy Collins for a future Glitterbox classic. Most known for their UK Top 10 hit ‘At Night’, released on Defected, Shakedown have been producing music for over twenty years and have performed on major world stages after achieving international recognition in the early noughties.

A collaborator of James Brown and George Clinton, ranked number four bassist of all time by Rolling Stone magazine, Bootsy Collins is recognised for his inescapable influence on popular culture. Snoop Dogg, Outkast, Flea, Dr. Dre, Rick James, Prince, Daft Punk, Primus, and Thundercat are all disciples of this man. His impressive body of work often shows of his unique vocal style which features on this collaboration.

‘Funky And You Know It’ takes the distinctive styles of these two longstanding artists and combines them for a deliciously funky and extravagant outing on the effervescent label. This package offers two very different interpretations of the same song, with the main version offering a mellow, groovy electro-funk feel while the Work That Mother Mix is a harder, faster club-ready outing.