Sneaky Sound System and John Dahlback “Fire Keeps Burning”

Sneaky Sound System and John Dahlbäck go way back, back to 2011 when Dahlbäck delivered a glorious remix of Sneaky’s classic track Big.

They became fans of each other’s work, dispatching music files between Sydney and Sweden. In amongst those files was the origins of Fire Keeps Burning.

Dahlbäck: “Fire Keeps Burning was a track we started on years ago, but life happens and it wasn’t until recently I found the acapella and thought it would make a banger with today’s sound. I started working on this housey, almost old-schooley vibe, and Connie’s vocals just fitted perfectly. After sending files back and forth, we got a version I’m so proud of.”

McDonald concurs: “After deciding to revisit this decade-old vocal, it’s amazing how quickly it came together. We’ve played it live a few times and the crowd’s response has been epic – we love it!”