Supafly “Jackie”

Yep……..It is what you think it is.

Originally recorded by Elisa Fiorillo in 1987 for the Summer School Soundtrack, then covered by UK singer Lisa Stansfield with her band Blue Zone in 1988, then covered again by Australia’s Joanne in 1998, Jackie is one of those songs that will never go away. Right this second someone is planning on requesting “Jack, Jack Jackie!” next time they come face to face with a DJ.

UK based Aussie, Supafly has a knack for sampling and reinventing classic songs with a modern twist and Jackie is no exception, delivering an energetic version that is perfectly timed for 2023 with BPMs speeding up on dancefloors around the world at the moment.

Remixes come from James Alexandr, Jordan Magro & Jesse Bloch and Alex K.