The Coney Island Rhythm Band “Paradise”

Following up their Traxsource Number 1 “Dancing Down The Path” the team here at Vicious is super excited to release “Paradise”.

The original, laid back and fat grooved version continues the appeal of The Coney Island Rhythm Band perfectly. From its funky drums intro, through to the massive piano’s, this one is an absolute jam… Dropping into a percussion break and then adding the superb vocal before dropping back into the full piano and bassline groove, this is a perfect summer slice of super funky dance music.

Then we get a rework from Jerk Boy who picks the tempo up slightly from the laid back original yet keeps all of the hooks which are now based around more of a house music groove.

To close out the package, we get an absolutely cracking Bruno Blanc remix. Bringing his Latin meets tech house energy to the fore, this remix is going to be for the up-tempo floors. Energetic percussion, snippets of the piano and the full vocal are all combined with Bruno’s club aesthetic and results in a killer remix for those who dig things a little faster.

Three huge versions and an exciting second release from The Coney Island Rhythm Band