Todd Edwards “House Masters” LP Giobbi / Biscits / DJ Q Remixes

Defected is proud to revisit the legendary Todd Edwards catalogue with the third instalment of House Masters Remixes, featuring another celebrated group of modern house and garage artists; LP Giobbi, Biscits and DJ Q.

Released in 2021, Todd’s original compilation demonstrated his approach to experimentation in its full glory; his entirely new sound, born from chopped up samples and vocal clips, birthed the UK Garage genre while giving the American-born producer major underground credibility.

Ever since those pioneering releases in the 90s, Todd has continued to inspire artists around the world, artists like LP Giobbi, whose vibrant live sets translate into her joyful electronic productions. The classically trained musician takes on Todd’s ‘Restless Soul’, giving it a deep house spin with Todd’s signature sample bursting through. ‘Perfect Love’ and its frenetic sampling receives a modern club twist from high-profile producer Biscits, before modern UKG legend DJ Q delivers a love letter remix to the man who started it all with ‘Never Far From You’.