Torren Foot ft. Azealia Banks “New Bottega”

Not gonna lie….RICK RUBIN is probably my all time number one hero. Alongside KELLY SLATER of course, but there’s something just a little cooler and more mysterious about RICK that for me, makes him the GOAT of GOATS.

But just recently, there was a time when I had my doubts. Out of nowhere, he revealed to me via a Joe Rogan podcast, that his favourite pastime was watching professional wrestling on TV. And not the wrestling they have in the Olympics where the best wrestler wins…but the type where it’s all following a story line….or as Wikipedia puts it, a form of athletic theater that revolves around mock combat matches that are usually performed in a ring similar to the kind used in boxing.

Now I’ve gotta tell ya, I was gobsmacked. Here was a guy that didn’t wear shoes, deletes his daily instagram post at the end of every day, looks and sounds like a guru and needless to say, an unparalleled god in the studio – telling the world that his favorite thing to do was watch wrestling that wasn’t even real.

I was confused.

Maybe he wasn’t all that after all.

But the story is never over and what we see, well….it’s just what we can see with what we have access to at the time we see it.

Time brings more clarity and in this case, it came in the form of a Huberman Lab interview with RICK where again, wrestling came up. But the plot thickened and my love for Rick deepened……here he revealed that his love for wrestling stemmed from the fact that everything, absolutely everything….is so unreal….that the fact that we actually know that wrestling is fake, made it more real than anything else.

We just never know you see……

Which brings me to NEW BOTTEGA.

Dancefloors are screaming “IT’S A HIT, IT’S A HIT.”

DJ’s are demanding it….even making their own bootlegs of it months out from its now imminent release.

Tik Tokkers are frothing…..

Milan fashion week was rumoured to have lost its cool over it……begging for a music video to be shot during it…

Paris fashion week begged for the same thing.

As did New York.

Did it happen?

And who’s behind it anyways…….

Google tells us it’s a tune by AZEALIA BANKS.

Our lawyer tells us it’s a collaboration between our boi TORREN FOOT and the aforementioned.

RICK made no comment but he did post this on his instagram;

“Our path is to collaborate with what’s happening. Not to fight it.”

Now I don’t know if that’s a play on wrestling or a reference to NEW BOTTEGA but I also know that you never know…………unless of course it’s wrestling….

But I do know……..NEW BOTTEGA is a weapon. It’s so good that TORREN has waited over 3 years between his last original (yes it went number one beatport) to this….so ya know…..ya better believe it’s good.

Much love

Team Sweat

Tech House
Sweat It Out