Vintage Culture, Maverick Sabre, Tom Breu “Weak”

Vintage Culture introduces the third single “Weak” in collaboration with Maverick Sabre and Tom Breu.

The inception of “Weak” dates back to the height of 2020, an introspective era for the Brazilian DJ that paved the way for the larger body of collaborative work brought to life alongside diverse talent such as Maverick Sabre. The immense success of Vintage Cultures’ 2019 remix of Maverick Sabres and Jorja Smith‘s “Slow Down ” laid the groundwork for a broader collaborative effort, inspiring the pair to delve into a new project together, culminating in their latest collaboration.

“Weak” fuses together the lyrical prowess of the UK Soul artist Maverick Sabre, influenced by the old hip hop and disco era, with Vintage Culture’s melodic expression of house music to deliver a sensual, yet emotive composition.

As “Weak” makes its official debut, the track only further affirms Vintage Culture’s expertise in harmonizing diverse musical elements with contemporary electronic soundscapes. The track not only showcases his versatility as a producer, but also resonates with listeners on a deeply emotional level as he encourages them to embrace their own vulnerabilities. Combining the nostalgic allure of old-school hip-hop with the infectious energy of house beats, “Weak” exemplifies the sonic alchemy Vintage Culture is best known for. Maverick Sabre’s commanding vocal performance adds a rich layer of depth to the track’s eclectic, genre-blurring sound.

“Weak” offers listeners another tantalizing glimpse into Vintage Culture’s forthcoming album that encompasses the full spectrum of VC’s musical affinities, from house to techno, electronic pop to melodic. The album boasts collaborations with an array of artists, including Maverick Sabre, The Temper Trap, NomBe, Magnus, and GoodBoys, showcasing his ability to meld his sound around the sonic profiles of diverse talents.