Virak “Sugar (Junior Jack Rework)”

Italy’s premiere House Music export Junior Jack’s fifth release on his Adesso Music imprint, see’s his own rework of exciting new talent and French virtuoso Virak.

The production master, who has created some of the best House records of the early 2000s, delivers a discerning, percussive and deep almost Iberian sound, outlining his commitment to showcasing new artists from around the world.

As a prolific career-focused producer, Junior Jack upholds his varied output, continuing to release tracks that both diversify his sound and reaffirm his talent. His final production for 2020 exemplifies not only his love of the underground, but his persisting ear for complex polyrhythmic grooves that progressively build their own sense of energy.

“Sugar” is built on bold drums, driving undertones and a deeply moving atmosphere that alongside the vocal, peeks with pleasure. Junior Jack creates a soaring sense of mutual sonic togetherness in the track, that’s not always achieved with such antidote when delicate vocal lines meet raw-percussive dance floor drums.

Virak is no stranger to the DJ booth and since starting his career in 2006 has frequented many of the prestigious clubs in France, such as : Les Caves (Courchevel), Le Milk (Montpellier) as well as open format sets a some of the worlds most tropezian bars and beach clubs.

Launched alongside his peer Pat BDS, previous Adesso Music label output includes the 2019 debut ‘Flash’ and 2020’s ‘Tecky Dream’ and most recently ‘Klimax’.

The Junior Jack rework of Virak – “Sugar” will be released through Adesso Music

Released On
20 Jan 2021