Zerb & Sofiya Nzau “Mwaki”

It’s rare, but every so often, you hear a song that changes your relationship with music. The type of song that cuts through and hits you right in the soul. It makes you feel something you’ve never felt before or a feeling long dormant you’ve forgotten. That’s the feeling you get when you listen to “Mwaki” for the first time.

“Mwaki” is the latest worldwide viral record from Brazilian DJ and producer Zerb and Kenyan vocalist Sofiya Nzau who sang beautiful vocals in the Kenyan tribal language of Kikuyu. Zerb and Sofiya collaborating is a mix of cultures that engage the audiences across the globe, proving that music is a universal language.

“I knew Mwaki was special, but I didn’t expect the success and love that the song has had. I’m very happy not only with the result, but also with the opportunity to spread my music to the world. I’m ecstatic to see Mwaki have such a global response. The respond to this record proves that music is an universal language” – Zerb

#14 on Beatport Top 100
#1 on Beatport Afro House
#1 Discovery Chart Shazam Australia
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