Austin Ato “Linger”

Scottish producer Austin Ato landed on Classic Music Company with a crash for his debut EP ‘Heat’ just before the height of lockdown.

It drew loud, vocal support from Honey Dijon, Disclosure plus many more and now he’s back to deliver his follow-up, ‘Linger, a two-track release that shows versatility in his production and song-writing. Opening with the title track, pure gospel piano house with live, urgent keys and the soulful voice of acclaimed Atlanta singer/songwriter Niles Mason. ‘Linger’ radiates joy and, like so many great 90s US house records, moves your body as well as your emotions.

Teaming up for the second time with Classic alumnae Dave Giles II (Dave + Sam) on ‘Work’, the pair create a stripped back underground club heater. 129BPM of bouncing metallic percussion wrapped around a tight groove, Dave brings his captivating talents as an MC and lyricist to the techno-leaning area of Austin’s sound. Capturing the dynamic energy of his party-starting DJ sets, this ‘Linger’ EP once again proves that Austin’s bold and colourful sound feels at home on the house music institution that is Classic Music Company and its legacy of great music.

Classic Music Company
Released On
26 Aug 2021