Blake.08 “Playhouse”

Blake.08 is the new club project from 24-year-old Sydney resident Blake Gilray.

Formerly part of Sydney duo Human MovementBlake.08 is a step in a new direction for a prolific young producer hitting a new creative height.

“It’s been nice to do something from the ground up that’s entirely my own vision. After some time away from Human Movement I had time to really think about my approach to music, with everything going on around COVID I started taking my car down to the local race track and racing most weekends between long weeks of working – it was my release in a pretty shit time and it created the direction for this project – I just made tunes I wanted to hear in my car and it sort of steamrolled into a project.

Taking its cues from 90s Summer of Love, Playhouse is a homage to warehouse raves and moments made on the dancefloor. Full of piano lines, breaks and vocal chant Playhouse will have you wanting more from Blake.08

House Rave
Released On
5 May 2021