Dom Dolla “Pump The Brakes”

Speak to a kid and for sure, their favourite days are Christmas day and their birthday.

Speak to a loved up couple deep into a marriage and for sure, they’ll say their favourite day was their wedding.

Or the birth of their first child.

Speak to an Olympic gold medallist and for sure, they will say their favourite day was the day they won gold.

What the hell does this have to do with DOM DOLLA you may ask?

Well… I’m glad you did… and the answer is as follows…

A child’s bday comes around once a year and they get showered with gifts. Same with Christmas day.

A wedding comes around once (or twice… ok fine, sometimes thrice) a lifetime… and for sure… it’s a momentous occasion.

The Olympics are every 4 years and If you’re lucky, as an athlete, you go to two, and rarely three, Olympics in your whole life.

Which makes all of these events super special.

Which is just like when a new DOM DOLLA single drops into your inbox. You see, Dom ain’t got time for long weekend kinda celebrations, or regional carnivals or casual dating… nope… his music is on that bdays and xmas day kinda level… that’s as special as a marriage or an olympics kinda vibe…

So hold your horses, PUMP THE BRAKES, it’s Christmas, it’s your bday, it’s your wedding, it’s the Olympics… it’s a new DOM DOLLA… and guess what… it’s as special as all those aforementioned events.

Now of course, I could go on about how much success he’s already had (what with Beatport number ones and ARIAs and sold out shows the world over) but you already know about all that.

So let’s just say… get the national anthem ready, start sending out the invites, go speak with Santa… because PUMP THE BRAKES is here,

Much love

Team Sweat

Tech House
Sweat It Out
Released on
23 March 2021