Friendless / Pools Remixes of Kids At Midnight “Lovesick”

Kids At Midnight is back and this time it’s not pretty.

The Melbourne Singer/Producer’s new single ‘Lovesick’ is an anthem for all troubled love, tortured souls and those who ‘don’t care if they’re a mess on the floor’. An epic nod to the heady Indie Dance and Electro anthems of the 00s, it’s a thick and nasty anthem itself invented for hot summer nights and misbehaving. Bursting at the seams with dirty synths, an epically layered nu rave wall of sound and a Kids At Midnight vocal hook that is so riotously satisfying it feels euphoric, ‘Lovesick’ is a nasty piece of work that goes all night (and into kick-ons).

Remixes heat from Friendless, Pooks, Plus Five Bass, t1r

“This is so different. It’s sick!” – CC Disco!
“Jane knows the way to my heart is through bright and nostalgic synth pop.” – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

Square Pleasure
Nov 2021