Harry Romero “I Love / The City”

From a state steeped in house culture, Harry Romero is one of New Jersey’s finest house exports.

Emerging in the mid 1990s and remaining one of the genre’s most in demand producers and remixers to this day, he now debuts on the legendary Nu Groove in the first wave of artists to release music for the new era of the label.

Delivering exquisite two tracker ‘I Love / The City’, Harry plays tribute to classics from the Nu Groove catalogue with his modern ‘Choo Choo’ twist he’s loved and revered for. House bubbler ‘I Love’ opens the package with depth and warmth to get you in the mood, while ‘The City’ is a little busier in its composition, a spoken-word vocal telling the familiar tale of house music’s ability to unite, while kinetic percussion and glowy synths make this another striking cut.

Nu Groove
Released On
23 July 2021